Social Projects

The only way to help poor people is to teach and help them to produce something that is economically interesting.This can be products or services. In either way in Brazil is a lack of employment and especially more inland a lack of effective ways of production, transport and organization in general. Good education is still a problem and many public schools don´t have the structure, materials and teachers for a good development. The salaries are very low (min. salary in 2006 was us$ 175 per month). Also the distribution of wealth is limited to 10% of the very rich. Political corruption and the impunishment of the rich and politicians is a problem for stimulating economical growth. Also the high interests and costs charged by the banks are not a stimulating process for development, consumer and investing credits. Then there is still the very slow and pretty complex bureaucratic procedures which causes a loss of time, money and therefore many people prefer paying a little bit of extra unofficially to the speed up the process but stimulating and maintaining the corruption.

All these problems are recognized and being successfully improved by the government but of course it needs a lot of time and investments to change laws, habits, personal interests, and influences of the elite.

In the meantime many people and families live in conditions without opportunities to study, to work or to invest in a small business. Many people moved to the big cities in the hope to find a job and possibilities for a better future for the children. However they ended up in the ´favelas´, the totally unorganized and uncontrolled suburbs built with almost nothing, illegal water and electricity connections and made of whatever they can find. Without schools, work and the basic social necessities.

These children or very easy victims of the drugs mafia who give them something to get hooked as quick as possible and a means to make some money quick. However this has grown to such proportions that these