granite brazil


Investing in Brazil can be very interesting in many ways. First of all the country has a stable political, economical and financial pattern tending to grow and expand for the next decades. Advantages are great in the sense of low labour cost and of course the most important factor of being one of the richest countries in terms of natural resources. Minerals, oil, agricultural production, exuberant nature, everything available in huge amounts often hardly explored yet.

Real Estate
Besides the natural resources there is the interesting fast growing market of real estate. Along the coast there are being built many condos, beach houses, resorts and hotels. Because of the beauty of the 8000 km coast with a variety of diferent landscapes there is a place for everybody acording to the personal caracter and interest. Prices of land and constructing is still cheap. The laws are very favourable for foreigners to invest, anyone with a pasport can buy and own brazilian property without any problem. Last year the limit to obtain a permanent visa for Brazil has been set to only $ 50.000,- This means that for anyone who invests in a small company more than this amount has the right to obtain a permanent visa. Also retired people who have an income of more than $ 2.000,- per month can get a permanent visa for Brazil and enjoy the nice sub tropical climat with temperatures between 20 and 30 C° all year round. For examples of one of the nicest places of Brazil www.brazilestate.com.br

Granite Mines
There are many unexplored places with huge amounts of first class granite. Often this granite goes to Italy or other countries from where it is exported all over the world but of course the most profits are to be made by exploring the mines itself.