One of the most interesting aspects of Brazil are its habitants. It is probably one of the most mixed people anywhere living peacefully and understanding together. All kinds of races and afkomst are mixed together from Indian to black, white, asian, european, arabic, japonese and everything in between. All families have mixed blood   and afkomst. The people are very friendly, happy and everybody is welcome. There is a great hospitality and it doesn´t matter where you are from where you go, what you do, have or believe. Also many chuches and religions are mixed and nobody bothers or wants to influence one another. The people are very tolerant and helpfull.

Originally the first habitants of Brazil were the indians. There were many tribes like .. and .. and .. with each its own language and tradtions Some were nomads and some stayed more on one place.
When the Portugese discovered and colinised Brazil they tried to use the indians as slaves to work on the plantations. This did not work out well as the indians were not looking for neither used to work and as they knew better the jungle could escape easy.Who could not escape prefered to die as to work for the white bosses. Because of this many tribes were killed by the colonists and later because of the development, diseases brought by the white and the cutting of the forests not much of the millions of indians survived.
For the plantations the colonists started to bring in the blacks from Africa to work as slaves on the sugarcane and later coffee plantations.

After the end of the slavery many planation owners started to hire italian and other people to work on the plantation and also started the immigration of other nations looking for new horizonts and richness in coffee, gold, mining, agriculture etc. From everywhere people came to Brazil: from Germany to the south of Brazil, from Italy, Lebanon, Japan, Spain and other european countries as well as from Russia, Asia, Middle East etc. Before this the indians already mixed with the Portugese and Negros. The Europeans with the blacks, the blacks with indians, the japonese with the italians, the germans with ... and so on.
The Dutch had a time of colonization in the Northeast in the region of Recife and Olinda. The English also in T]the Northeast and the French near Rio de Janeiro.

Almost every Brazilian family has more than two or three or more countries and races as afkomst.

A recent research of a Brazilian university in Sao Paulo proved that even white people in Sao Paulo with blue eyes for more than 90% still have traces of negro family in the blood.

Maybe this also explains the perfect living together of the races and nationalities. Anyway it makes a very lively and interesting mix of beautiful people.

Some terms to determin the mix:

Caboclo:  Mix of Indian with Black
Morena: Light brown, mix of white with black or almost black
Mulata: Dark brown, mix of black with morena

Still original living Indian tribes:

Some interesting facts about people in Brazil:
Most German or from German afkomst brazilians live in the south of Brazil in the states: Parana, Rio Grande do Sul and There are even traditional ´Oktoberfests´ in with wine, beer and dances like in Germay.
There are many cities with German names and tradition. The style of houses like in the south of Germnany
In Sao Paulo is one of the biggest japonese neighborhoods in the world outside of Japan.

The habitants of Rio are called Carioca and are a very font of their beaches, city and carnival.
The habitants of Salvador are more black as result of the fact that a long time Salvador was the center of the slave trading. Some influences are the half black half catholic religions like Macumba and .. Also the martial sports Capoeira mixed with traditional dance has typical roots from Africa. This is found in several music styles too like the typical Axe Music.

In the state of Sao Paulo there are some dutch colonies specialized in agriculture especially flowers and lacto..