It is possible to get a permanent visa for Brazil in four ways:

1. Investing more than 150.000 reais
2. Having a pension of more than $ 2000,- per month
3. Marriage
4. Having a Brazilian child

Investing more than 150.000,- reais

It is a little bit bureaucratic but not too complex. A good accountant or lawyer can do the procedure for you. They charge at least 12.000 Brazilian reais for the procedure including the opening of a Brazilian firm which has to be in the for of a Ltda. A type of Ldt, limited company. This can be any type of company, for example a hotel, a cunsultancy company, an administration firm, a shop, a construction company etc. Anything. It doesn´t matter which type of company, what matters is an investment of more than 150.000,- reais in the company. There are some rules: this company has to have at least two associates and one has to be either a Brazilian or a person who already has a permanent visa. In most cases the accountant uses a Brazilian who gets 1 (one) percent of the company. When the whole procedure is done and you have the permanent visa you can change the firm to a normal individual firm and don´t need more the Brazilian associate. But in the beginning you need the associate because this is the law.
Another very important and essential rule is that the transfer of the investment is registered by the Brazilian Banco Central. Therefore the transfer cannot be done before the firm is open and a special registry number for the money transfer is required by the Central Bank of Brazil, a so called R.E. number.
This is going to be the official proof and base for your requiry of the permanent visa which then has to be send to the Ministry of Labour in Brasilia. After aproval they will send your proces to the consulate in the country where you want to pick up the visa. Important:the permanent visa, called ´Permanencia´ you cannot obtain in Brazil itself. It has to be obtained outside of Brazil. This can be in your own country but sometimes people who already work or opened a business in Brazil just fly to Buenos Aires in Argentine to pick up the visa.
If you have a confidential person or relative in Brazil you can give him/her an authorization to sign and do the paperwork for you: a so called ´procuração´
The whole procedure depends a lot on the bureaucratic rules and cooperation of the official departments and can take anywhere between 2 months to 6 months. Also depends of the type of firm you open. You need some certificates like: certificate of good conduct (valid max. 90 days and officially translated) and to get a Brazilian social/tax number called CPF which you get easy in one day at the ´Receita Federal. As already said there are accountants and lawyers specialized in these procedure who can explain and do everything for you.


Who has a pension of more than $ 2000,- per month can get a permanent visa for Brazil at the consulate of your country. This takes also a little bit of bureaucracy but is a sure way to get one.


Who is married with a Brazilian man or woman or someone who already has a permanent visa can get the permanent visa too. This can be applied for in Brazil itself at the Policia Federal. You need the official and officially translated certificates of marriage, good conduct and passport.


Who has a Brazilian child automatically has the right to get a permanent visa which has to be applied for at the Policia Federal.